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When Mommy says what she really thinks.
I think that people in poverty like myself and elfstaranymore are allowed to value survival over optimal health and we would appreciate it if you didn't offer "advice" when we've made it clear we don't want it.
mommysaysfuckyou mommysaysfuckyou Said:

Just when I think the stupidity and drama addicts have calmed down, I get a dumbass inbox like this.  Here’s what I have to say:

Then leave tumblr.  It’s that simple.  It’s a community that you and I are both part of, whether you like it or not.  I never offered “advice”, cause if I did, I would have schooled her on how her fat ass could buy healthy food with food stamps!  But I didn’t do that….

You know who was in poverty?  My DAD.  Unless you don’t have fucking SHOES and work in muck fields when you’re 10 years old, you’re not poor in my book.  You numbskulled nitwits have no fucking idea what poverty looks like…   My poor father, at 67, still has difficulty talking to his own children about the real horrors of poverty.  Did you ever have to put COAL in a furnace in the basement for heat?  No coal needed in your government housing, huh.

Fuck you and and the rest of you little fuckity fucks for not comprehending what real fucking poverty looks like and having the audacity to bitch to ME for commenting on your little first world complaints.


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