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43 weeks according to the original estimate. 8 pounds 12 ounces. 15 hour bitchass labor from hell.

No tears, no stitches, no meconium…

File this under don’t believe the hype. Believe your body.


Why is it such a novel concept that moms need a little time to themselves to feel human?
You loose yourself in motherhood and taking a bath with a glass of wine can make a real fucking difference in how you feel.

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I was 42 weeks and a few days with both my kids. I also had to take naturopathics to induce labor both times and had successful home births both times. In France they say pregnancy should go at least 41 weeks and won't even consider inducement until after 42 weeks. Don't be discouraged. Go for a hike. Good luck!
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OMG, this is so encouraging. Thank you.

NST #3 passed with flying colors and all kinds of encouraging words from the nursing staff, including one who told us, “we used to see women in here at 43 weeks all the time.”. Seems our health care has improved, but America’s overall health has not…



Kids Are Given Game Boys, Feel Instant Sadness

Ah, Game Boys. Forget your 3DS and your iPad mini: there was a day when these handheld hunks of 8-bit glory owned the playground. But these kids don’t remember it so watch the full hilarious video of their reactions to the original Game Boy here. 

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Spoilt little shits!! How rude of them!

Idk, I has things called crayons and paper and made my own damn games up.

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I’m trying my best to focus on fact vs fiction. The hardest part of this waiting game has been dealing with “helpful” mother fuckers who insist on telling me that waiting “is dangerous” and that I’m being selfish.

This wait has and never will be about me. This home birth was never about me, just like our first induction was never about me. Kid #1’s induction was about other people’s fears influencing my decisions. The home birth was about giving this guy the peaceful, calm, completely drug free birth that I failed to give kid#1…

At some point, you have to trust your gut and fuck everyone else. My doc is 100% cool with waiting so long as I agree to continued monitoring, which I’ve been 100% cool and grateful for.

Now for the dangerous facts about going past 42 weeks
1. Your chances of still birth, according to current research, goes up to 3% once you hit 42 weeks.
2. There’s very little current research looking at how and why some women go past 42 weeks…mostly because they stopped “letting” women do it over the past 20 years.
3. (Pay attention here) my kid is more likely to die during the car ride home ( the #1 cause of death in children being car accidents), than he is if I leave my body the fuck alone and allow him to come when HE’S ready.
4. Inductions, contrary to popular belief, are not guaranteed safe.

…and so, I wait.

I’m seriously still pregnant.

42+4 by the other midwife’s estimate.
42+2 by my new doc’s calculations.

My first was 42+1 with an induction. Wtf is wrong with my body?

Super weird. I slept the night through and woke up singing my first communion song “This is the Day” in my head. I haven’t slept the night in a month and haven’t been in a church in 2 years. Either I’m losing my mind or this baby is coming. Pretty sure both are true. :)


so…this is the well written post about getting vaccinations as a public safety precaution that sent poor kyrayray into fits of "edgy" Nietzsche referents…um…like, would it help if we didn’t call it Herd Immunity? Because it’s only the name of a concept -we could just as easily call it “Community Immunity” or “common sense” or “scientific fact” or maybe even “Bob” or something if that helps

*Kanye shrug*

so anyway, the flu shot? the HPV vaccination? seriously???

According to the British Medical Journal, Australia’s mass HPV vaccination is saving lives

Even the CDC is urging parents to get the HPV vaccination as part of a routine back-to-school checklist

Fact is, it at least appears that the HPV vaccine halves cervical cancer risks and saves lives 

not even gonna bother addressing the fuckery about the flu shot…as stated in the original post, “a small percentage of the population is unable to receive vaccinations for various medically valid reasons” but, no, refusing even the most basic vaccinations —especially in some misguided attempt to show…what exactly? that you read Nietzsche?? no…that is not someone’s “personal business”…it is a matter of public safety and preventing dangerous outbreaks of preventable, yet deadly diseases

See: Texas whooping cough outbreak

See: Florida tuberculosis outbreak

See also: Texas measles outbreak



Hint: These ~*completely preventable*~ outbreaks were all preceded by religious or politically motivated (or dangerously ignorant, anti-science) parents exercising their “right” to refuse to vaccinate themselves or their children 

Look, as a Black man who is very aware of the Tuskegee experiments tortures and racially based eugenics / gender sterilizations, and other historic accounts of governments striking at their non-White, marginalized populace, I would hardly advise anyone to get something solely because “the government said so”………but

1. sorry, there are just way too many White boys and girls who are also being vaccinated (thus I can reasonably assume no racial eugenics at play), and, importantly 2. THERE IS A SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN AND OBSERVABLE TRACK RECORD THAT CHILDHOOD VACCINATIONS WORK

so I guess I said all that to say this: If you’re a blogger who wants to talk or exchange ideas, then we can probably talk. Maybe. But if you’re one of those anti-science, PaulBraun/MicheleBachmann/JennyMcCarthy types…or perhaps a misguided pseudo-intellectual looking for a soapbox, then please stay in your lane and keep your ignorant comments over on your side of Tumblr and I’ll do the same continue being awesome

I just continue to wonder why vaccination advocates neglect the legal facts surrounding the current laws that protect BIg Pharma, but certainly not my kid…

I don’t believe that vaccinations cause autism, but firmly feel that parents should have the right to determine what vaccines are necessary for their child.

I didn’t have my kid attached to my tits for 22 months because I enjoyed every fucking second of it. I don’t always enjoy making sure that my kid eats enough whole foods…hell, I sometimes WISH I gave less of a shit about my kids health and fed he processed crap food! But I do those things to benefit her overall health and immunity.

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