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I don’t recall anything about the 80’s being soulful….

Unless Debbie Gibson, Capri Sun, and scrunchies are deep.

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My mom is driving 150+ miles to take care of Lena while I go to my fuckin’ shrink.


Ugh here’s the thing about the anti-vaccine movement.

I don’t blame the moms who are anti-vax advocates. A lot of the vaccine-preventable diseases seem so distant from everyday life (not for long if this keeps up) that parents don’t see them as a threat. Vaccines seem fishy to them, and the…

I would urge you to actually speak with parents who choose to decline or postpone supposed routine vaccinations…and to read up on the current laws that protect doctors and pharmaceutical companies, but not families. These are facts. We aren’t afraid of autism in our family. It actually had nothing to do with our very decisive choice to decline some “routine” (I put that in quotes because several are fairly recent inventions: rotavirus, varicella, flu, HepB) immunizations. And Dr. Sears is the fuckin’ bomb, who offers a wonderful balance of factual information and reasonable restraint.
Asker Anonymous Asks:
So how does it feel to be a child-killer?
mommysaysfuckyou mommysaysfuckyou Said:

Um?  I don’t know?  Is this a trick question and something to do with a Walking Dead roll playing game or just a lame reference to the fact that we advocate for parental choice with vaccinations??

Mommysaysfuckyou for the lamo insult.  

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I just saw your reblog of the vaccination thing, and I have to ask - what did you read in these 'product inserts' that so thoroughly dissuaded you from immunizing your children? It would seem like the potential benefit would outweigh the potential side-effects; after all, most of the things those vaccines prevent are liable to cause catastrophic health problems down the road.
mommysaysfuckyou mommysaysfuckyou Said:

I’m sorry.  I don’t find it appropriate nor necessary to reiterate 500 pages of product inserts to defend our choice to be selective in what we inject into our children.  I would encourage anyone to read them prior to vaccinating.  They include details on all the studies conducted in reference to each individual product.  You know, stuff that may be important to you if yo give a shit about your kid’s well-being…

Listen people, I realize how difficult it is for most of you to see this, but for so many families, the health risks involved in some vaccines are far more terrifying to us than our kids having a chicken pox scar.

Many of the routine vaccines that we have declined are for childhood diseases that millions of Americans have had.  We also chose to decline a vaccine of a fucking sexually transmitted disease….cause, you know, I’m pretty sure my newborn isn’t going to contact HepB….

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Very simple question here: Since more people die of polio than from having the vaccine, why spout nonsense about not putting your kid in danger?
mommysaysfuckyou mommysaysfuckyou Said:

you missed the memo:  I have no problems with the polio vaccine.

….you fucknf ignorant self-righteous vaccinator.   

Baby Boo is one sick puppy today. 3rd time she’s been sick in her 25months of life. Not too shabby for a kid without the full regimen of vaccinations, huh?!

Seems appropriate since I just noticed a boatload of unanswered anon questions, comments, and pussy insults to respond to. Sorry if you sent one of these and awaited my condescending response with baited breathe. I was waiting for antepartum depression and anxiety to take over my brain, so I could take my unwarranted anger out on you. I hope you don’t mind.

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"I thought you were good Paul… but you’re not good. You’re just another lying ol’ dirty birdy."

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If I see one more Facebook status update or propaganda-like article about the measles “outbreak” and how those “nasty”, “tin foil hat wearing”, “Jesus freak homeschoolers” are contaminating the fuckin’ herd, I’m going to blow shit up.

See, if I was a super jerk and wanted to impose my parenting views on YOU I’d question why you sanctioned your child to have his genitals mutilated.

I’d question why you would ever even consider feeding your kids anything with red dye in it, when they all very clearly have some serious behavioral issues that your lazy ass could probably cure by giving them a fresh vegetable or two.

I’d suggest that despite your advanced degree, you must have missed the class where they talk about the dangers of obesity…and how you’re Mountain Dew and Burger King habit is likely going to kill you…and your overweight, chronically sick fully vaccinated kids.

I’d point out that despite your hatred and borderline pedaphilia-like disgust over extended breastfeeding, your formula fed kid sure does have a ton of allergies, digestive issues, and ear infections. But keep on pumping them full of processed soy products. I mean, the research in inconclusive, so why not go ahead and feed your newborn food that could cause cancer…

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